Chronicle of one of the oldest houses on the Elsterwerda market

1607* first mention

1823* Founding of the company Wilhelm Müller "der Nadlermeister" - hardware, tools -

1892 – 1949* Max Müller continues the company

1949 Expropriation of the Müller company

1949 – 1990* Residential building and electrical goods store on the ground floor - rented to the HO (Commercial Organization of the GDR)

1991 Retransfer to the heirs of the Müller company and purchase of the house by the Theuring/Herkner family

1991 Jeans World Theuring

bis 1993 Flower shop in part of today's ArcusCafé

1994 Opening of Hotel & Café Arcus

1998 After extensive renovation, the Arcus Keller restaurant opens

2007 Opening of the conservatory restaurant

2015 After extensive restoration and renovation, the new Arcus Café opens in the cross vault

* Source: Elsterwerda city archive

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